Colletta di Castelbianco Cultural Association

The association was founded in 1998 to support reconstruction of the medieval village of Colletta di Castelbianco. Now that the work has been completed the association is finding renewed life through the new owners in the village. The aim of the association is to encourage cultural and social activities, respecting the long history and beauty of the village. Some examples of recent activities of the association are the organization of various events such as the Photo Competition and its associated calendar, Colletta Day with its celebration of local food and wine & the Olive Festival where the olives from the trees on the terraces are harvested by the villagers and their very own olive oil produced. The association aims to improve the quality of life within the village and to maintain its cultural and environmental heritage.

Culture is an important heritage which can sometimes be submerged beneath technical advances. It has no social boundaries but is something which must be felt both by the individual and by the community as a whole. It should be something which underpins the ambience of the village.

The stones of Colletta, the "Ancient Stones", give the real character to the place. Merely touching them and sitting on them provokes a strong sense of the long history and culture lived in the village. The vision of the original developers has succeeded in constructing a beautiful and tranquil place, where time seems to stand still, uniting the past and the future, where you can breathe and revive your spirit.

The ancient stones have been carefully preserved and used to reconstruct the buildings, telling their own story of everything that has gone before in this valley, with Colletta at its heart. The Valle Pennavaire is the cradle of Liguria. The fossil remains show that humans have lived in the caves bordering the river that gives it its name for over 9000 years. They say that our predecessors, well before Christianity, worshipped two Gods, the God Pen whose name is still found in the mountains on the left of the high valley on a rocky apex, and the God Belen from whose name derives the borders of Liguria, in dialect "Belin"; the evidence is a man-made rock sculpture in one of the caves. The holy places of this religion were later used by Christians who built small chapels there. The stones tell us of the ancient Romans who left signs of their passage, when people had abandoned cave dwelling a long time since. They tell us of the roving bands of Saracens coming from the powerful Arab states, using their bases in Spain and their main local base in what is now St. Tropez, infiltrating the whole Ligurian coast and reaching into lower Piemonte. They tell us of the carriages of Del Carretto, who passed through these roads to reach the hunting reserves nearby. If we concentrate and listen with our heart we can hear the sound of the wheels coming into contact with the stone. They tell us of the passage of Napoleon's rampaging troops. They tell us of the peasants who with devotion, sacrifice and toil have cultivated the land into terraces, helped by the donkeys and mules used for transporting the fruits of the earth for century upon century. But..... what the Ancient Stones tell us are not just the dates and factual events of the past. They tell us about the emotions of all who have preceded us, their loves, their disappointments, their conquests, their devotions, their hopes, their aspirations, their despair, their grief, the inheritance of all of us who are products of the past. The present would not exist without the past, we are all linked in some way to those caves, and it's our duty to continue this connection until those ancient stones can speak again to those who want to hear. They will tell of the feelings of those who are fortunate enough to walk through the lovely lanes of Colletta, appreciating the aromas of Giorgio’s delicious cooking, of those who stay to eat at the Osteria after an aperitivo at the Telecafe, of those who admire the many fine works of art on display, of those who immerse themselves in the natural beauty and enjoy the steady concert from the cicadas, of those who imbibe the perfume of nature and who take its benefit.


Noble Sculpture Prize 2008
Unveiling of "Snowball"


Donation to S. Lucia Church


Clearing new paths


Olive Festival 2008
Aspettando Ferragosto 2008
Prize-giving Photo Competition 2008
Opening Photo Competition 2008
Classical guitar concert 2008
Buffet with live music 2008
Choral concert in the Amphitheatre 2008
The Colletta Fagotto 2008
Easter walk to Nasino and lunch 2008
Olive Festival 2007
Dinner and Music to celebrate Ferragosto 2007
Annual Photo Competition 2007
Paul Jeffrey Quartet 2007
Classical Music Evening with Buffet 2007
Celtic Music Evening with Buffet 2007
Michael Burges Art Exhibition 2007
Above and Below - The Unknown Pennavaire Valley 2007
Seitz and Silvestri Art Exhibition 2007
Easter Buffet 2007
Walk to Nasino 2007
Miss Muretto 2006
Olive Festival 2006
Colletta Day 2006


Colletta Calendar 2009
Colletta Calendar 2008
Colletta Calendar 2007


Full membership (right to vote): EU 25
Associate membership: EU 20

Membership fees may be paid via bank transfer to:
Bank: CRS – agenzia di Cisano Sul Neva
ABI 6310 CAB 49390
Account: 40342/80
IBAN - IT52C0631049390000004034280
Account Name:“ Associazione Culturale Colletta di Castelbianco”

Fax. 0182 77 360


Members of the Association receive a discount of 10% at the following restaurants and shops:

Osteria Trapassatomoderno
Colletta di Castelbianco
Tel: 0182.778.244
Discount applies to meals in the restaurant only

Farmacia Pennavaire
Discount applies to cosmetic and non-pharmaceutical products
Dottoressa Mazzotta Rosaria
Tel: 0182 779007

Frantoio Garello
Olive oil and regional products
Via Roma 13, Nasino
Tel/Fax: 0182 77020

Sedie & Company s.r.l.
Garden Furniture
Via Generale Ardoino,222 (SV)
18013 Diano Marina (IM)

Members of the Association receive a discount of 5% at the following restaurants and shops:
Azienda Agricola Sartori (Vineyard & Restaurant)
Torre Pernice, 17036 Leca - Albenga (SV)
Tel: 0182 20042

Azienda Agricola Graziella Silvestri
Restaurant and local products
Via Roma 67, Nasino
Tel/Fax: 0182 779003
Cell: 333 4561709

Macelleria - Salumeria
Montella Franco Via Piemonte, 154
Leca d'Albenga

Via Pennavaire 48, 17030 Castelbianco
Tel. 0182 77001, Fax. 0182 77104

Via Roma 22 Nasino
Tel. 0182 77002

Ferruccio Agriturismo
Via Pennavaire, 17030 Castelbianco
Tel. 0182 77 013

Ristorante Le Rapalline
Large garden, booking recommended. Closed on Mondays.
Reg. Rapalline, 49
Campochiesa d'Albenga (SV)
0182 20340