While some apartments have their own laundry facilities, there is also a shared laundry that operates with tokens (gettoni) that can be purchased at the office or the bar (€1.50 per token; average of 5 tokens per wash/dry).

For those for whom controlling washing machines is not second nature, here is a dummies guide:

Check: the white power switch on the wall must be on, and should be at 45 degrees – vertical is off.
Check: the silver water tap must be open, and must be in a position vertical to the wall – parallel to the wall is closed.

The washing machines may be set at a temperature of 95, 60, 40, 30 (mild program only) or wool via a dial. An underscore indicates a mild program, otherwise it's normal.

The button with a plus (+) symbol is for a pre-wash using the contents of the back left compartment of the pull-out drawer. Soap powder for the regular wash goes in the larger right hand compartment.

1 token is required for a wash, which takes roughly as many minutes as the temperature you have chosen in degrees (e.g. 60 minutes at 60 degrees). Close the door by swinging it shut - please don't use the handle to try to shut it because eventually this warps the mechanism! Start the wash by pressing the green button with a diamond shaped symbol on it. If it doesn't start, then maybe the door is not closed properly. If you can't open the door, try pressing the yellow button with a key symbol on it.

On rare occasions a machine might get stuck at a particular point in the wash cycle - in which case press the green button to advance to the next step.

The tumble driers operate at 60, 45 or 20 degrees, selectable by the front panel 'touch' controls. Each token gives you 15 minutes. Start it off with the diamond shaped button. If it doesn't start, make sure the door is shut properly. When you remove your things from the dryer, please scrape the matted residue from the filter below the door and throw it in the bin.

Sometimes you will find all the machines occupied but having finished their cycle. In this case it is OK to remove the items (respectfully) and place them on the top of the machine, having wiped it clean first.

If the outside door is locked, or if there are any other problems (like the fuse has blown!) then the Procaccia will sort it all out for you.