Broadband internet

Every apartment in Colletta has a high speed internet connection accessed via the village Local Area Network. Connect your computer to the network via its Ethernet (LAN) interface - all modern computers have one built-in. No modem of any kind is required, but you do need a cable (see below).


A standard 10-base-T or 100-base-T twisted pair ethernet cable is required to connect your computer to the wall socket.


The network in Colletta is configured automatically with DHCP.

Wireless Wi-Fi

There is an open wi-fi hub in the Telecaffe and around the eoffice.

Some apartments have wifi hubs installed. If you wish to connect your own wi-fi hub in your apartment, please note that it should be a simple wi-fi access point device. An ADSL router will not work. Please let the procaccia know if you intend to connect any such device, and you may refer to them for further details or advice.

Please do not connect a computer to the network simultaneously via a cable connection and a wi-fi connection, because this can cause an enormous amount of redundant traffic.


Colletta has its own firewall to protect against certain types of threat originating from the Internet. However, this is no substitute for taking all the normal precautions when connecting to a public network.


In the first instance refer to the procaccia. If necessary She will refer to the technical support service (whose representative is Bruzzone Alessandro Tel 019.6766050 Cell 329.4505472).

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