Il Torchio

Restaurant Torchio, both rustic and elegant at the same time, is found on the "Piazza IV Novembre" (called "Piazza del Beo" by the inhabitants of Zuccarello because it is the location of the ancient stone "beo" where workers and women came to wash their clothes). Originally a cantina, the restaurant still preserves an antique press which has become the symbol of the establishment. At Torchio, flavour is synonymous with simplicity, freshess and originality. The dishes are typical of Ligurian cuisine, always on the menu is a selection of grilled meats and in winter there is game. You can enjoy your food seated near the log fire, and the wine list is excellent. Bookings appreciated.

Winter opening hours:
Open for lunch (fixed menu) every day except Saturday. Open for dinner Friday and Saturday.

Summer opening hours:
Open every evening except Monday and Tuesday.

Via Tornatore, 184
17039 Zuccarello

Tel. 0182 79000

Reviewer's Comments

Dining Style: 3. From Colletta, go down to the T-junction at the Tamoil petrol station and turn left. Zuccarello is about 2.5 km up the road, lying beneath the ruins of a castle on a hilltop. There is parking at both ends of the village, but the far end is closest to the restaurant. No English is spoken. Out of season, open on Saturday evenings but otherwise only for luch (very cheap) - at which time there is no written menu.