A few kilometres from the beaches, nestled in the green Val Pennavaire, Scola succeeds in recreating the atmosphere of an earlier time, offering you the best cuisine from both Liguria and Emilia-Toscana. The menu, always a la carte, provides typical hot and cold antipasti, fresh pasta, meats according to season, and mushrooms which are the speciality of the restaurant. All food is prepared with the purest of extra vergine olive oils and complemented by an excellent wine list.
Via Pennavaire 166
17030 Castelbianco

Tel. 0182 77015/6
Fax. 0182 779342

Reviewer's Comments

Dining Style: 8. From Colletta, Scola is on the corner at the bottom of the hill. The food is a sophisticated interpretation of the local traditions, and there is a fine selection of wines to accompany your meal. The menu is quite difficult to understand, but you can seek advice from one of the younger English-speaking members of the family who are more than willing to assist.

Currently there is a special Menu Risorgimentale on offer: