One of the pleasures of being in Italy is certainly dining. Ligurian cuisine, with it's emphasis on fresh herbs and vegetables, augmented by wild game and of course the fine, aromatic taggiasca olive oil, is well represented by restaurants around Colletta. Members of the Colletta community, residents and guests alike, are encouraged to share their culinary experiences (after all, food IS the major topic of conversation in Italy!). If you'd like to contribute to the information in these pages, send an email to

If you like, you can follow the example of one of our reviewers (tooc), who classifies restaurants using a scale from 0 - 10. This gives a measure of a number of things, which generally go together. No value judgement is implied about the enjoyment of the experience or the food. The food is nearly always good wherever you go, and there is no clear cut relationship between the smartness of the restaurant and enjoyment of the meal and the experience. The only thing to beware of is that the desserts can be poor in the cheaper restaurants.

1 Simple

At the extreme, simple, traditional food is served in informal surroundings. The waiter or waitress will be overworked, probably won’t speak English, and there might not even be menu. If there is it will be in Italian, but some of the items might be in the local dialect. Unless you have a good command of Italian, your idea of what you have ordered might not correspond to what you actually get, and you will have to be prepared to ‘go with the flow’ and see what surprises arrive at your table! The assumption will be that you will drink the house wine in a quarter, half or one litre jug – red or white. Dress will be casual, and at lunchtime there will be manual workers in overalls enjoying their meal alongside you. You are not likely to be ripped off, but you might not know what you are going to be charged until you get the bill! Don’t assume that credit cards will be accepted.

10 Refined

At the other extreme, elaborate, inventive dishes are served in splendid surroundings. There will be professional waiters or waitresses who will speak good English, and there will be a menu with English translations, but the dishes will often have impressionistic names rather than informative ones. You will probably be able to order ‘international’ dishes if that’s what you want. There will be an extensive (and relatively expensive) wine list. You will feel out of place if you haven’t paid some attention to your looks, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have be dressed up in any formal sense.

Feel free to use tooc's example, or invent your own.

Buon appetito!