This is the capital town of the region and is good for shopping and large stores. There is a large port but nothing much in the way of seafront attractions.

Suavis (Via Astengo 36R) Tel 019-812811
(8) This is a small restaurant hidden away near the central piazza of the city. It is run by Silvana and Lidia - Silvana being the sorely missed proprietor of Le Antiche Pietre at Colletta, which no longer exists. The restaurant is stylish, modern and bright, and the food is an upmarket take on Ligurian classics. You will have an enjoyable meal here at a fair price. Recommended wholeheartedly. Say 'Hi' to Silvana for me! <tooc, December 2007>

Al Cantuccio (Via Dei Cassari) Tel 019-813113
(6) This is a small restaurant in a little piazza near the shops in the backstreets around the port. The food is Ligurian, with modern touches, and is very good. <tooc, December 2005>

Reposi (via Paleocapa 104) Tel 345-2158924
(6) This is a smart bar that also serves an excellent and very good value lunch. It is in the main porticoed shopping street, and is a very convenient and exciting spot to wait for re-opening time! <tooc, January 2011>