This is a very beautiful little town nestled between sheer cliffs and surrounded by magnificent villas.

Ristorante Nazionale (Corso Italia 37) Tel 019.748887
(8) This is on the coastal road at the east end of the town (opposite the petrol outlet). It is has two separate dining rooms, one each side of the entrance, both of which are very clean and smart. The service strikes a good balance between formality and familiarity, and the food is very well prepared. Fish predominates, but there are some meat dishes on the menu. <tooc, March 2007>

Residenza Palazzo Vescovile (via Vescovato 13) Tel 019.7499059 / 335-1042528
(10) Going here is no ordinary experience! Park, if you can, on the sea side at the north end of the bay where you will find an escalator. Ring the bell for the hotel, and ask to come up. You go up one level, change to a funicular railway (press 3) and get carried up to reception where you will be greeted. Or, if you need to work up an appetite, you might prefer to walk up the steps! The building is magnificent and is impeccably maintained - having been the residence of the local bishop - and is still owned by the Vatican. There are a series of smallish interconnected dining rooms, each with a window over the bay and each very stylish. Fish is the main focus, and they are keen to serve you a degustazione menu of their specialities - all very fine indeed. Afterwards, you can be shown around the palace and given a bit of history before dropping back down to reality. <tooc, April 2007>