This is a picturesque and peaceful little seaside town - in contrast to Alassio, its bustling neighbour.

La Prua (Via Archivolto Patella 5) Tel 0182-699195
(5) This restaurant is in a very picturesque location near the pier and the Saracen tower at the near end of the town. You can sit outside opposite the public beach watching the comings and goings. The food, mainly fish, is very good. <tooc, August 2005>

Ondina (Corso Badarò 7) Tel 0182-690139
(3) At the head of the beach at the far end of the town, this restaurant has a nice view over the sea and the bay - especially from the terrace on the roof. The menu is based mainly on fish. <tooc, April 2005>

Baia del Sole (Piazza Cavour) Tel 0182-691016
(8) This fine ristorante is on the Passegiata del Golfo – the path along the top of the beach. It is a lovely place to have a leisurely lunch outside on a fine spring or autumn day when you have the full view of the bay to admire without the bathing establishments and the summer hustle and bustle to get in the way. <tooc, June 2005>

Pacan 2 (Piazza Cavour) Tel 0182-690100
(4) This ristorante/pizzeria only opens in the evenings - the kitchen stays open until 23:00 but pizzas are served until midnight and beyond if the demand is there. The food is fairly standard fare, but they also serve dried and cured tuna fish - musciamme (salame) and pesciamme (heart, roe, …). <tooc, July 2005>

Osteria a Bunassa (Via Dante Alighieri 112) Tel 0182-699170
(5) This is about half way along the main pedestrian street of the centro storico, near to Piazza Preve (the piazza that opens up to the main aurelia road). The food is simple but beautifully prepared and very good. The dining rooms are pleasant, the service is friendly and the price is reasonable. Recommended. <tooc, April 2006>

Inferno (Vico Catalani 2) Tel 0182-690317
(3) This borders on the main Aurelia road and is entered via a narrow alley leading from the central area of the budello. It is family run, and small and cosy. The food is of the home cooking variety, and none the worse for that! In the evenings you can get pizza too. <tooc, Sept 2007>

A Ciassa (Piazza Garibaldi) Tel 0182-690536
(6) This is in a large piazza near the pier, with tables outside as well as inside. The menu is predominantly fish-based, and you can eat well at a reasonable price. <tooc, June 2010>