Finale Ligure

There are two main areas in Finale - the old town on the sea (Finalmarina) and the old walled town a little way out the back (Finalborgo). However, there are also some restaurants round and about beyond these concentrated areas of civilisation.

The valley in which Finale lies is very dramatic looking, with tall cliffs on either side and castles and abbeys on small hills in between. There is also a full programme of events, many of which involve medieval pageantry.


Bei Gisela (Via Colombo - not far east of Piazza V.Emanuelle) Tel 019-695275 (closed Wednesdays; lunch only on Saturdays & Sundays)
(7) An airiness, a beautiful modern décor and careful attention to the visual impact of all items (apart from the food – thank goodness!) makes this an attractive place to eat. <tooc, July 2005>

Lampara (Vico Tubino - towards the far end of town) Tel 019-692430
(6) This is a fish restaurant quaintly adorned with fishing items of various kinds. There are two rooms inside and a couple of tables in the narrow street. The food is good - don't be put off by the lack of a menu on show outside. <tooc, July 2005>

Napoleone (Via della Concezione, a bit to the west of Piazza V.Emanuelle/Piazza di Spagna) Tel 019-691967
(3) This ristorante/pizzeria is one of many lining the lungomare. Like most of the others, you can sit in a tent on the promenade. It's a very pleasant place to be, and the food is also good. Mainly fish. <tooc, July 2003>

La Grotta (vicolo Massaferro 17) Tel 019-680173
(5) This is another of the restaurants on the road along the top of the beach, just to the east of Piazza V.Emanuelle/Piazza di Spagna. Across from the main establishment there is an elegant glass structure on the wide walkway at the top of the beach. This is a nice place for a meal, and the food is good. <tooc, June 2007>

Taverna dei Brontoloni (via Concezione 7) Tel 019-680653
(4) This is at the very west end of the lungomare. It consists of one large room, in one corner of which is a play area for young children. The atmosphere is casual and the food is down to earth but good. Locals eat here. <tooc, December 2008>

Giovannacci Caffè (via Rossi Emanuele 26) Tel 019-692506
This is a very attractive and stylish bar with nice looking pastries and a beautiful range of chocolates. It is in the less trodden loop of the main shopping street. <tooc, December 2008>

Bar Ondina (Piazza di Spagna/Piazza V.Emanuele)
This is a great place for an aperitive or a snack. It is a large white modern building on a corner of the town's main piazza, with a terrace overlooking the sea and the associated private beach. It has a beautiful view over the bay. The champagne, by the glass, goes down a treat! <tooc, May 2004>

Caffè Caviglia (Piazza V.Emanuele)
A good spot for a coffee whatever the weather - you can sit outside in the piazza or inside in comfort. <tooc, April 2004>

Caffè Ferro (Via Garibaldi 10) Tel 019-692753
This an old fashioned but rather grand establishment serving good coffee and fine pasticcerie. It is very popular with the over-35s. You can enter from the main shopping street or the piazza at the other end. <tooc, Dec 2005>


Ai Torchi (Via dell'Annunziata) Tel 019-690-531
(9) An impressive solid green door, tastefully frosted glass windows and total absence of any information ensure that you have to go inside to find out anything at all about this restaurant. On entering you will see a beautiful room incorporating ancient olive pressing paraphernalia with some modern decorative touches. The menu is mainly fish, some of it raw, but there is also some meat – all very refined. Not cheap, but not as expensive as might be expected. <tooc, April 2004>

Invexendu (Piazza del Tribunale) Tel 019-690475
(4) This trattoria is at one end of a lovely piazza, and you can sit in a conservatory that overlooks it. For such a grand setting the food is refreshingly simple - cucina tipica is how they describe it themselves. It is popular with older locals, who tend to sit in the room within. You can get meat and fish dishes, all of which are very enjoyable. <tooc, May 2006>

Ai Cuattru Canti (Via Torcelli 22) Tel 019.680540
(3) This is a tiny osteria in a side street just off one of the large piazzas. The antipasto consists of a selection of farinata, torta pasqualina and torta verde - all very succulent and delicious, but quite filling. You can follow with one of their excellent pasta dishes or a soup, and/or a typical Ligurian secondo such as rabbit or seppie. The service is very friendly and helpful, and the bill will be reasonable. Recommended! <tooc, Feb 2005>

Around Finale

La Briga (up in the hills at Manie) Tel 01969-8579 (closed Tuesdays & Wednesdays)
(2) At the east end of Finale, you go up and up and up to get to this one. You must book, and when you arrive you will find place mats with your name on them marking where you will sit on the long wooden benches beside the long wooden tables in the field outside the house. The food is exclusively meat, barbecue style, and you can look at what everyone else is having to decide what you fancy. Altogether an interesting experience! <tooc, July 2003>

Il Casale (Via Briffi 22, Bardino Vecchio) Tel 019-6375014
(8) This is in the hills behind Finale, and can be accessed from the autostrada exit by following the signs for Calizzano and taking a left turn about 4 km past Gorra. It is a relais, having rooms, a pool, gym, spa and various health & beauty treatments available. The full restaurant is open in off-seasons usually only on Saturday nights but you can generally get a small set lunch any time. However, it is best to phone to check. The proprietor, Marcello, is very welcoming and is likely to want to show you around. Much of the produce used is local and organic. This is a good place to relax for a whole day amid the fresh air and the surrounding hills and mountains. <tooc, January 2008>

La Sosta (Strada Provinciale Finale-Orco) Tel 019-699195
(3) This is out behind Finale Ligure. From Finale take the SP27 towards Orco Feglino and after a few kilometres take a small fork to the right signed for Orco. You go up along a narrow road for about a kilometre, and then ascend a steep driveway to arrive in the car park of this agriturismo. (There is actually a motorway exit for Orco Feglino, but only coming from the direction of Genova. Similarly, you can only join the motorway going towards Genova). There is large room inside, in two sections, and some spaces outside with a view of the surrounding mountains towering above. At lunch it is popular with local workers and in the evenings there are special menus on certain days of the week. The food, however, is basic and ordinary - and is somewhat overpriced. <tooc, November 2008>