Central Albenga

The old walled town of Albenga (centro storico) is very nice for a stroll, and there is a good range of eating places to be discovered. Another concentration of good restaurants is to be found on the sea front (lungomare), where you will find some excellent fish restaurants. There are also a couple of restaurants on the beach in the Vadino area, across the red bridge from the centro storico.

Another possibility for a quick lunch after shopping for provisions in the Coop Le Serre centre is to go to the self-service restaurant Cibiamo. The tables are rather cramped, and the whole experience is a bit chaotic, but the food is as good as you could expect for such a place. The Le Serre bar to the side of the main entrance also serves some very tasty dishes at lunchtime.

Centro Storico and Via Pontelungo

Babette (Viale Pontelungo, near the entrance to the Centro Storico) Tel 0182-544556
(9) This a serious fish restaurant, big on quality, style and presentation. Be smart or feel out of place! <tooc, July 2004>

Planet Pizza Café (Via del Roggetto 2) Tel 0182-52024
(4) This is just round the corner from the traffic lights on Via Pontelungo, opposite the Agip petrol station. This is a pizzeria, but at weekends they also serve Thai food.

I Tre Velieri (Viale Pontelungo) Tel 0182-51644
(2) This Pizzeria/Ristorante is on a corner at the traffic lights half way up Via Pontelungo opposite the Agip petrol station. The speciality is pizza al tagliere, which comes cut into pieces on a large rectangular wooden slab. On a board for two, you can choose a mixture of three types of pizza. <tooc, August 2005>

Antica Osteria Dei Leoni (Vico Avarenna, 1) Tel 0182-51937
(9) This has recently moved to beautiful new premises in an up and coming area of the Centro Storico. You go here to eat fish and seafood, which is excellently prepared and presented. Weather permitting, you can sit at tables in the open in a magnificent private courtyard. <tooc, April 2006>

Enosfizioteca Conterosso (Via Torlaro) Tel 0182-53699
(7) This is a very attractive looking restaurant, with a tasteful glass frontage and cavernous vaulted brick rooms. It is affiliated to the wine shop in Viale Pontelungo, and not surprisingly has an excellent wine list. The food, however, is disappointing and the service can be unprofessional. <tooc, December 2006>

Da Puppo (Via Torlaro) Tel 0182-51853
(3) This is where you go for farinata (chick pea pancakes) and various bits and pieces for a quick meal – if you can get in! There are a number of vegetable pies like torta verde, various meats including kebabs, as well as pizza. <tooc, April 2004>

Al Vecchio Mulino (Via Torlaro) Tel 0182-543111
(3) This restaurant serves straightforward dishes at a reasonable price. <tooc, June 2007>

La Bifora (Via Medaglie d'Oro 20) Tel 0182-50364
(4) This is in the centro storico on a corner in the shopping street through the arch at the end of Via Pontelungo. The food is straightforward, honest and enjoyable. <tooc, April 2007>

Il Marchese del Grillo (Via Lengueglia 49) Tel 0182-556936
(4) This is tucked away off the beaten tourist track and even if you were to pass by you would most likely not even realise that it is a restaurant! However, you eat well here in the local home-cooking style. <tooc, May 2008>

Pala d'Oro (via Medaglie d'Oro 57) Tel 0182-51309
(4) This is one of a number of restaurants clustered in this major thoroughfare in the centro storico. There are a couple of rooms inside and a few tables in a tent outside in the little piazza opposite. The food is uncomplicated but good, and there are a number of decent desserts made in house. <tooc, May 2008>

Le Anfore (Via Ricci Bernardo 18) Tel 0182-51982
(3) This is centrally positioned on the main pedestrian thoroughfare in the centro storico. It serves pizza and a standard range of no-frill meat and fish dishes. <tooc, April 2008>

Il Candidato (Via Cavour, 40) Tel 0182-50811
(3) This is in a central location in the centro storico, hidden away round the corner from the naval museum in Piazza San Michele. In warm weather there are tables outside in the alley and tiny courtyard, but there is also a nice arched room deep inside. It is popular for farinata, focaccia and pizza, but you can also get rostelle, spiedini and the dish of the day. The service is friendly, the food is acceptable and the price is reasonable. <tooc, August 2006>

Santeodoro (Piazza delle Erbe) Tel 0182.555990
(5) This is in a cosy square beneath which there are the remains of old church. It operates as a bar where you can have a drink and a snack or meal. The food is prepared in-house and is straightforward but very good. <tooc, November 2008>

Il Falcone (via Roma 53) Tel 0182.540844
(3) This restaurant is in the south east section of the centro storico, with entrances from via Roma and also via Oddo. It is very down to earth, casual and homely – and a bit neglected. The food is home cooking in style, but there is also pizza – even at lunchtime. The food is good, but a little expensive for what it is. <tooc, November 2008>

La Rocca (via Roma 74) Tel 0182-559292
(3) This is towards the south east corner of the centro storico. As far as the food and service goes it is an unpretentious restaurant, but the interior is pleasant and the price is honest. <tooc, April 2008>

Hosteria Sutta Ca' (Via Ernesto Rolando Ricci, 10) Tel 0182-53198
(4) This is a popular venue in the north east area of the Centro Storico, just inside one of the archways from the main road (Via Genova). It is open from 11:30 at lunchtime and again in the evenings. They serve the traditional regional osteria fare, and they can recommend you an excellent wine to accompany it! The food is good, the price is very reasonable and there is an English translation of the menu. Recommended! <tooc, May 2006>

Da Franco (Via Milite Ignoto 22) Tel 0182-50487
(3) This is on a corner in Viale dei Mille, a stone's throw from the north east corner of the centro storico. The food is straightforward and without frills, but enjoyable nonetheless. <tooc, April 2008>

Osteria Dei Limoni (via Isonzo 12) Tel 0182-556930
(4) This is on the corner of Via Isonzo and Via Papa Giovanni, in the streets between the centro storico and the railway station. There is a well-kept single dining room where you will be served the traditional dishes of the area. <tooc, December 2008>

Sopra Sotto Il (viale Martiri della Libertà 27) Tel 0182-555033
(5) This is in an impressive mansion house about half way along the main street leading from the roundabout at the station to the main square (Piazza del Popolo) in central Albenga. There is an arched iron gate leading to some impressive steps and the wooden front door of what looks like someone's home. Entering, apart from a bar counter to your left, it still looks like someone's home! There is a dining room on your left, and two smaller ones to your right – all very cosy. At lunch time there is a different selection of dishes for each day of the week – basically a 'tourist' menu with a choice from about five primi and four secondi. It is popular with local business people, and if you want you can be in and out quite rapidly. This is an interesting place, fairly smart in appearance but with home-cooking style food. In the evenings you can get pizza and farinata in the room below, accessed via a side entrance. <tooc, December 2008>

La Sosta (via San Filippo Neri 59) Tel 347-8163377
(3) This is on a corner half way along Via Orti, between Via Trieste and the riverside to the east of the centro storico. It is a street in which you would not have much reason to find yourself, apart from to come to this unassuming little restaurant. You can choose from the tourist menu, and if you are looking for exceptional value tasty home-cooking ..... well, you'll find it here! <tooc, December 2008>

Osteria 'A Rebotta' (Via dei Mille 147) Tel 329-7357661
(3) This is a rather idiosyncratic place not far from the railway station. The food is home-cooking style, but has variations not commonly found in the area. When you go to pay, for some of the dishes you have to decide for yourself what they were worth! <tooc, December 2008>

Lungomare and Viale Italia

Pizzeria Al Cantuccio (Viale Italia - near the railway station, just on the sea side of the railway bridge) Tel 0182-52270
(3) This is a straightforward restaurant and pizzeria, serving both meat and fish dishes cooked in an everyday style. <tooc, April 2005>

Torino Ristorante (Viale Italia 25) Tel 0182-540738/50844
(3) This is attached to hotel Italia. However, it is not a standard hotel restaurant and serves a large crowd of local workers at lunchtime. The food is no-frills Ligurian in style - enjoyable nonetheless - and there is a good value tourist menu. <tooc, January 2008>

Il Pernambucco (Via Parco Minisport, Viale Italia 35) Tel 0182-53458
(9) This is about halfway up the road leading from the railway station to the sea front. You turn into an entrance that opens out to accommodate a bingo hall, a birreria/wine bar, some parking space, and a long shed at the back – which is the restaurant itself! As you enter, you will surely feel like Alice in Antiques Wonderland because nothing could have led you to expect what you now see before you. In addition to the décor, there might well be some interesting characters dining around you! As for the food, it is surprisingly natural and simple but with top quality ingredients and sensitively prepared. All in all, to eat here is a great and very unusual experience – but not a cheap one! <tooc, May 2006>

La Dolce Vita (Viale Italia, 71) Tel 0182-50243
(6) This is lively and popular, with a modern style of its own, and it stays open late, attracting a younger clientele as the evening progresses. They serve pizza, but you can also choose from a restaurant menu. They have Irish and Argentinian beef, which makes a change, and they have some good wines at equally good prices, and a range of specialist beers (e.g. Youngs, from London!). <tooc, July 2007>

Lo Scoglio (Viale Che Guevara) Tel 0182-541893
(7) This is about 200 metres beyond the north end of the lungomare, on the minor coast road to Ceriale running alongside the railway line. You walk seaward under an arch and ascend to a small pier upon which the restaurant is built overlooking the bay with the sea below. It is small inside, but there is space outside weather permitting. The menu is all fish - top quality, fresh and beautifully cooked. Finish off with one of the excellent desserts. <tooc, February 2007>

L'Arciere (Lungomare Doria) Tel 348-4519023
(4) This is right at the north end of the lungomare, on the beach side, with a nice verandah overlooking the sea. It is an unpretentious restaurant/pizzeria serving simple, honest but excellent food at a reasonable price. <tooc, Feb 2007>

Al Nautico (Lungomare Doria 2) Tel 0182-542234
(5) This is in the Circolo Nautico at the top of the beach about 50 metres east of the little tunnel that takes you under the railway line and out on to the east end of the lungomare. You can't easily see that there is a restaurant here, but when you enter you will be pleasantly surprised to find some open air seating in the shade and a small but nicely laid out cabin beside. The food is mainly fish, and the catch of the day cooked 'alla ligure' is to be recommended highly. There are some nice wines to accompany the meal, and it all comes at a fair price. Try not to be put off by the seemingly off-hand manners of the waitress! <tooc, April 2008>

Moka Ristorante (Piazza Marconi) Tel 0182-540888
(5) This is a small restaurant with a few tables outside just across the road from the beach. The staff are friendly and the food is very good. <tooc, September 2007>

Alta Marea (Piazza Marconi, Lungomare – opposite Bagni Italia) Tel 0182-50670
(6) This is a good fish restaurant. The servings are large, and you won't manage to eat both an antipasto and a primo before your secondo - you have been warned! You don't have to worry about splashing yourself with your food since if there is any danger of that they will come and tie a bib around you! There are some tables outside just across the road from the beach, but at peak times you will probably need to book to get one of these. <tooc, August 2005>

Bagni Italia (Piazza Guglielmo Marconi 3) Tel 0182 543771
(2) This is on the lungomare at the end of Viale Italia. Good for a low-key lunch on hot day, but you might have to vie for a table in high season. You sit at the top of the beach shielded from the sun under an elegant canvas awning. <tooc, August 2004>

Bagni Albenga (Lungomare Cristoforo Colombo 1) Tel 0182-544027
(7) This stylish restaurant is hidden behind the bar frontage of Bagni Albenga in the central section of the lungomare. <tooc, July 2008>

Villa Rosa Hotel (Lungomare Colombo) Tel 0182 50529
(3) This a family-run hotel that caters mainly for an older clientele, but anyone is welcome to eat in their restaurant that faces the lungomare. There is always a tourist menu of good value, and the atmosphere is very friendly. Fixed meal times are 12:30 and 19:30. <tooc, September 2007>

Punta Lena (Lungomare Colombo) Tel 0182-53185
(5) This is on a rather ramshackle wooden pier about halfway along the lungomare, with the brief menu written on a blackboard outside. You can sit at the back in open air overlooking the water, or inside with a view of the bay on one side. The dishes are all fish - much of it freshly caught in the local waters - carefully prepared in the traditional local styles. <tooc, August 2006>

Bagni Miramare (Lungomare Colombo) Tel 0182-558414
(4) This bar/ristorante is at the top of the beach towards the South end of the lungomare overlooking the sea. It's a pleasant spot for a drink or meal at lunchtime or in the evening - especially if you get a seat on the roof terrace. <tooc, May 2006>

Ma de Ma (Lungomare C. Colombo, 2) Tel 0182-554773
(4) This is lively and popular - farinata and pizza being the main attractions. It is across the road from the beach towards the Gallinara end of the lungomare. There are some tables outside, for which you will probably need to book. <tooc, May 2007>

Ristorante dei Fiori (Lungomare C. Colombo, Parco Vacanze dei Fiori) Tel 340-8106448
(3) This is very popular for pizza - either to eat in or take away. It is on the outer rim of a large camp site at the South end of the lungomare, in a nice spot opposite the island of Gallinara. <tooc, April 2006>


You can access this area by going over the red bridge from Piazza del Popolo, or by heading towards Alassio on the coastal road (Aurelia) and coming off just before the tunnel. Either way, you end up at a roundabout where there is a Conad supermarket.

From the roundabout, you head away from Albenga and take a left alongside an old abandoned walled military barracks. You then go over a railway crossing and you are in a narrow one-way road between the railway line and the beach. This is via Michelangelo, in which there are two restaurants and a night club. Everything is on the left, which is the beach side.

L'Isola del Sole (Via Michelangelo 17) Tel 0182-593388/0182-51957
(8) This is in a modern apartment complex, and has been created in a style reminiscent of the 1930s. There is a spacious and bright room overlooking the bay, and a terrace outside overlooking a pool. Altogether it is quite delightful! The food and wines are excellent, and for late risers on Sundays there is a good value 'brunch' from 11:00. There are normally special events on Thursday evenings. This can't be beaten on a sunny day. <tooc, October 2008>

Trattoria del Mare - in Villa Miki (Via Michelangelo 23) Tel 0182-556829
(4) You enter through a courtyard into a spacious square room, but you can pass on through to a terrace right on the sea overlooking Alassio and Gallinara. The staff are genuinely helpful and the food (mainly fish) is good, if basic. A good place for sitting outside in nice weather. <tooc, July 2007>

Regione Rollo

This is an area off the beaten track between Campochiesa and the Aurelia coastal road.

Osteria del Tempo Stretto (regione Rollo 39, via Aurelia) Tel 0182-571387
(7) You will be surprised to find this wonderful family-run osteria on a dusty, barren stretch of the Aurelia road between Albenga and Ceriale, next door to an IP petrol station. There is a small driveway in which you can park (sometimes double or triple), but if things get impossible there is a car park in the small road alongside.

You enter into a tastefully decorated room that seats about twenty, but there is a pleasant garden out the back that is open in the clement months. There is no written menu, but Massimiliano will tell you what is on offer and recommend a nice wine to accompany your choice – all in rapid Italian! However, all the food is delectable and you can hardly go wrong! And don't pass on the desserts. Highly recommended, but do book because it is small and deservedly popular. <tooc, April 2009>