Borgio Verezzi

Going across the railway line from the Aurelia between Finale Ligure and Pietra Ligure you enter into the new part of the town.

Forking left takes you towards the Borgio centro storico.

Forking right up the hill leads eventually to the quaint and very picturesque borgo of Verezzi, from where you can experience a breathtaking view over the bay. Be sure to walk to the very far end of the village where there is another small and enchanting section of habitation.


Ristorante "DOC" (Via V.Veneto 1) Tel 019-611477
(9) This is in a mansion surrounded by a high wall on a corner just in front of the centro storico. You enter via a large gate and walk along a path up to the impressive entrance steps. In hot weather you can eat on the verandah by the steps or in a pleasant covered gazebo in the garden. Inside it is more like a series of smallish dining rooms in someone's (very grand!) home than a restaurant. The food is all fish, prepared with immaculate attention – you won't find any bones, for example! It's the sort of thing you would expect in a Michelin starred restaurant, with the customary small portions. Oh, and remember to dress accordingly!

Da Caxetta (Via XX Settembre 12) Tel 019-610166
(8) This is in the striking Piazza San Pietro in the centro storico. The rooms inside are very beautiful, with vaulted ceilings, and there are also some tables outside. The food is good, but note that there are some house specialities among the antipasti which are quite filling and don't leave much room for anything to follow!


Antica Osteria del Bergallo (Via Roma 17) Tel 019-617783
(7) This at the near end of the village, just as you enter the centro storico. There are a number of levels, the upper ones giving a panoramic view over the bay way down below – and this justifies a visit even though the food doesn't merit any particular praise. <tooc, June 2008>