Around Albenga


Il Faro Tel 0182-990176
(5) Go past Cisano and go left towards Ceriale at the turn off. Go past Campochiesa, and turn left at the next traffic lights. You go over the autostrada and it's immediately on your right inside a massive construction that looks like a factory, with a large rough car park opposite.

It is mainly large parties that come here, and the catering is biased accordingly. The dishes are fish-based. You get numerous buffet-style antipasto dishes, eventually followed by a primo, in turn followed by a piece of fish. <tooc, July 2004>


Carlotta (at Hotel Ca' di Berta) Tel 0182-559930
Go past Cisano and go left at the turn off to Ceriale. Before you get to Campochiesa, turn left just before the bridge over the autostrada. You go along an unlikely and narrowing road for about a kilometre and suddenly there it is on your left – a stunningly beautiful old house and gardens, all maintained impeccably. The bad news is that the restaurant is only open for private parties at the moment. <tooc, April 2006>


This is an interesting little village, worthy of a visit just to wander around for an hour or so. They host an excellent festa here in the summer season.

You can get here by taking the bypass road (aurelia bis) towards Alasssio, coming off at the first exit and bearing right, or by turning right at the traffic lights just past the autostrada entrance.

Li per Li (Via Paccini 34) Tel 0182.20772
(2) This is on the main road running through Bastia, near the autostrada entrance. It is very popular at lunchtime, and is generally packed full with workmen from 12:00 to 13:00, after which time you'll probably be able to get a table. The food is simple and ordinary, but nevertheless enjoyable and very cheap. <tooc, April 2006>

Il Torchietto (Via Massari 18) Tel 0182.21395
(4) This is in the principal turning off the main road through the village – the street where you will also find a bar and a couple of shops. It is a friendly restaurant and pizzeria, popular with the locals. It is one of the very few restaurants in Italy that does not serve any pasta dishes! The food is straightforward, but enjoyable. Interestingly, you can get a bottle of a locally produced organic red wine (Bacilò). <tooc, April 2006>


Go past Cisano and go left towards Ceriale at the turn off. There is a pretty little village on the hill in Campochiesa, accessible by turning left at the traffic lights when you get to the crossroads. However, there is a maze of roads between the village and the coastal road that also goes under the umbrella of Campochiesa.

Le Rapalline (Regione Rapalline 49) Tel 0182.20340
Going towards Campochiesa, you turn right a few hundred metres after crossing the bridge over the autostrada (signposted for the Planetarium). The restaurant is on your left after about a kilometre, and before you get to the Planetarium shop. As you drive in you will see a bored-looking brown and white pony coralled in a section of the garden. There is a nice large room inside, and there are tables in the garden for when the weather permits. The proprietors will welcome you and feed you well. The main dishes are generally all meat and somewhat different to what you get in most of the other places round and about. The pollo alla cacciatora and the carré di maiale (arista) are especially good. Except in the summer high-season months, there is a live jazz night about once a month with top musicians on show. Reasonably priced. Recommended. <tooc, May 2006>