Baba Beach Offer 2012

Baba Beach (the beach which is between Albenga and Alassio next to Le Vele) will be run in 2012 by Andrea Della Valle.

Andrea would like it become known to those clients who love the Ligurian hinterland but who, once in a while, want to experience the beach without the hassle of finding a parking place or paying exhorbitant prices.

They propose the following for all residents in Colletta:

15 euros a day for 2 sun loungers and 1 umbrella (this price includes private parking at the beach). Valid from Easter to June 15 and then from September 9.
20 euros a day from 15 June to Sept 9 .

They will also have "early bird specials". 50% off until 12 am and "aperitivo specials" (free seating after 6pm if you treat yourself to an aperitivo. They will also have a self service restaurant with dishes priced at 6 euros.

A children's playground monitored by a young person will also be on-site

For bookings and further information contact Silvio Tel: 3387405004