Albenga and area

Malandrone Bottiglieria (Viale Pontelungo 6) Tel 0182-559054
This is a well-stocked shop with a knowledgeable and helpful owner. You'll find it in central Albenga just outside the walls of the centro storico. You can take in a cask and get it filled if you are really that thirsty!

Vino e Dintorni (viale dei Mille 22) Tel 0182-556961
This is not far from the centro storico going towards the railway station. It is an attractive shop with a reasonable selection of wines. They also have the loose stuff (vino sfuso) with which to fill your cask.

A cafete a (viale dei Mille)
This is bit further along on the other side of the road to 'Vino e Dintorni'. It is actually a bar, but you can get some serious wines here by the bottle.

Ansaldi (Viale Martiri Della Libertà 82) Tel 0182-540274
This beautiful little shop is not far from the Albenga railway station. It stocks a small selection of very fine wines, champagnes & spirits, plus some top cigars, tobacco and chocolates.

Cascina Fèipu dei Massaretti (Loc. Massaretti, 8) Tel. 0182-20131
You can get the wines produced by 'Pippo' direct from the estate - Pigato (white) and Rossese (red). Go down to the traffic lights in Leca (just beyond the autostrada toll), turn right towards Bastia and then first right again. You'll find it on your left - if you go under the autostrada you've gone too far!

Sartori (Regione Torre Pernice, 3) Tel 0182-20042
You can go to the Sartori estate and visit the wine bar before making your purchase. You go down towards Albenga, and turn left at the roundabout just past UniEuro. A couple of hundred metres along, just as you start to go up the hill, turn to the left through some gates and into a long driveway leading to an old turret - which is the wine bar and shop. You can get Vermentino, Pigato, Rossese, Lumassina etc.

BioVio (via Crociata 24, Bastia) Tel 0182-21856
This is a producer of organic wines. You can visit their wine-making premises, which are in the backstreets of the little village of Bastia (not far from the motorway toll).

Le Rocche del Gatto (Regione Ruato 4, Salea) Tel 0182-21582
This is a relatively new producer, but they have a nice selection of the typical local varieties of whites and reds. You can phone for a visit to their cantina. Going from Colletta towards Albenga, you fork off to the left towards Ceriale just after passing Cisano sul Neva.

Alessandri Massimo (via Costa Parrochia, Ranzo) Tel 0182-53458 / 339-5094447
This is a very high profile producer, having won a number of awards. They produce two levels of Pigato and a red that is a mixture of Syrah and Granaccia. The estate is situated about half way between Albenga and Pieve di Teco.

Noberasco Felice (via Roma 50, Cisano sul Neva) Tel 0182-595025 / 348-8133174
This is a small producer with premises in Cisano, the nearest significant village to Colletta. You can call in for a tasting.

Durin (via Roma 202, Ortovero) Tel 0182-547007 / 339-1266776
This is a relatively large producer working in the plains of Albenga.

Alassio and area

Carpe Diem (Via XX Settembre 13) Tel 0182.470025
This lovely wine shop is in the budello (the main pedestrian shopping street). It is not a place for plonk, but for fine wines at a price!

Fioroni (Via Dante 14) Tel 0182 645105/642433
This shop has a very enticing selection of wine displayed in a shop front window towards the far end of Via Dante. You buy the wine, however, in the warehouse which is set back in the mews alongside.