Olive Festival 2005

A weekend of olive harvesting accompanied by fine food from the 2rd to the 5th of December.

The first Festival dell’Olio di Colletta di Castelbianco was held in December last year. It was a successful event and the Consiglio has decided to arrange the second Festival dell’Olio during the first weekend of December. If this second olive festival proves a success, it might become an annual event.

Within the grounds of Colletta there are some 300 olive trees in common ownership. They represent a tremendous resource which has not been utilised for a number of years.

The idea behind the Festival dell’Olio is also to strengthen the social bonds between the proprietors and thereby the community spirit. The proprietors will have a chance to meet each other, and at the same time carry out a useful task. Together we will experience the wonderful village of Colletta at the tranquil time of the year, through a sforzo collettivo per compiere un’opera di interesse comune.

The details have now been firmed up and the olives are maturing, ready to be harvested at the beginning of December. The olives will be harvested from the Colletta trees, and transported by ourselves to the Frantoio Garello at Nasino by lunchtime on Saturday. In order to make sure to that the olives are being harvested in time for Saturday lunch, we will start on Friday morning 2 December at 09.00 hrs.

A specially designed label has been produced for the 25 cl bottles, an ‘old’ legend has been unearthed, offering an explanation to the name of the Colletta oil, Goccia Dorata (golden drops) and also to the origin of the name Castelbianco.

Everyone taking part is invited to celebrate the olive harvest in a low cost Working buffet lunch at Osteria Colletta (€16 including wine), Festival party at Ristorante Gin on Friday evening 2 December (€30 including wine), a Harvest lunch in the Frantoia Garello (€13 including wine) when the oil is being produced(!), and finally the Festival dinner at Ristorante Scola on Saturday evening (€30 including wine). Our own oil Goccia Dorata will be used! An Assemblea buffet lunch will be organised on Sunday in the Colletta Osteria (€19 including wine).

All proprietors taking part will receive a bottle of the Goccia Dorata oil at the festival dinner, and additional bottles will be made available at low cost (€ 6) The remaining oil will later be sold in the bar (€ 8 each), giving income to the Condominio. Any profit will be spent on pruning and improving the Colletta trees. NB! A number of proprietors have already indicated that they will participate in the Festival, and there is still room for others. Please confirm your participation a.s.a.p., including how many will take part from each household. Please also indicate participation in the various meals during the festival period festival party as well as how many who will participate from each household, to ensure that sufficient food will be prepared.

Your confirmation should be emailed to the Procaccia MassimoVindrola (massimo.vindrola@colletta.it) and to ow@nsw.no.