There are many excellent walks around Colletta, ranging from a short stroll after dinner, through great day walks to extended hikes in the mountains. Often the track is an ancient mule path with stone paving. Everywhere there is evidence of the past population of the valley, with old terraces, ruined rusticos and wild cherry, fruit and olive trees, plus wild flowers, wild herbs and alpine meadows.

Walking Grades

Some of the walks listed here have been graded in regards to difficulty of the terrain, path finding and level of fitness required. The following is an indication of the grades that may be assigned.

Easy - A stroll along a well defined path. Most sensible shoes will be OK. An espresso or gin tonic will never be far away.

Moderate - A longer walk over a path that may sometimes be overgrown or have a rough surface. Good walking shoes or boots are recommended. Take water and a snack.

Sporty - The track is getting steeper and sometimes is hard to find. There is a bit of scrambling up rocks or pushing through overgrowth. You are going to want good walking boots, lunch, energy food and lots of water.

Difficult - Is this walking or climbing? What track? Take everything!

Castelbianco Walking Map - Map of the community walking paths around Colletta
Colletta Walking Map - Map of the community walking paths around Colletta
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Veravo -  1h loop
Oresine -  1h loop
Mt Lapeu -  1001m 4h assent
Three Peaks -  Race against the clock
Scola -  1h loop
Nasino -  2h
Monte Alpe -  1056m - h5 assent
Castel Ermo -  1008m - 5h
Monte Nero -  981m 4h assent