Children's play areas

The village itself is traffic-free and most parents feel comfortable letting their children out of their sight to play with the other children around. However, there are also a few playgrounds (parchi giochi) of varying sizes for young children (<=12) in the area.

Colletta: While not strictly for play, the village is a great place to explore and discover all it's hidden corners.

Veravo: up by the church on the ridge above Colletta (a five minutes drive) there is a small play area with a number of pieces of equipment, together with a table/bench combination where parents might like to sit.

Cisano sul Neva: between the Carabiniere and Municipio buildings there is an ample space with a few pieces of equipment and some seating - and an adjacent car park. Tucked away in Conscente, not far from the old abbey, there is a small play area with some equipment adjacent to a small tree-shaded car park.

Albenga: in Via Dalmazia there is a significant playground, although it can get busy. There is a smaller one beside the flower stall in Via Pontelungo, and there is a nice shady green area alongside with a large car park behind. On the corner of Via Aprile 25, near where the railway line crosses the river, there is a walled and spacious tree-shaded area in which parents can relax while their children exhaust themselves on a range of swings and slides etc.

Alassio: on the beach at the near end of town, not far west of the Saracen tower, there is a very popular supervised play area for which you pay a small amount to let your children run riot while you relax over a glass of wine at one of the overlooking bars! There is also a good playground in the mini-park in Piazza della Libertà, next to the muretto in Corso Dante Alighieri.