Castelbianco Rock Climbing


The climbing area around Castelbianco is a newly "discovered" area that has been given the nickname Oltre Finale, meaning the Other Finale Ligure, after a famous climbing area nearby. There are many climbing areas around Colletta and in the valley of all grades and difficulties. Some are just a 5 minute walk from the village, while others are at the end of adventurous treks into the mountains. A German climbing site described the climbing area as:

"Near the famous rock climbing spot Finale Ligure in Liguria, Italy, you will find Castelbianco in the Pennavaire valley.

Even if sport climbing routes was set up 12-13 years ago the area can be regarded as brand new. During the last few years hundreds of new climbing routes has been made.

The area is beautiful and has potential to be developed to one of the biggest rock climbing areas in Europe." colletta_climbing.jpg - the climbing association for the valley.
Climbing Routes in Val Pennavaire - Rock climbing (German only)